Welcome to Supremehay.com

 Consistent Quality & Reliability!

We have two goals:

  • To be a reliable source of exceptional quality hay.
  • To build long term business relationships through satisfied customers.

We produce two types of hay (alfalfa, & grass ) to satisfy the needs of all our customers. Irrigation as well as up-to-date equipment and farming practices ensure that each hay harvest, produces consistently high quality feed.




We raise only dairy quality varieties of alfalfa.  Proper irrigation management, supplying the plant with the right nutrients, & cutting the crop at the right time, is how we end up with a product that has high leaf content and a high feed value.




Grass Hay

We raise different types of grasses, pending on the forecast for the season.  Past inventory has included Brome, Orchard & Teff.  High palability, of each different type of grass is one of the leading considerations in choosing the right type of grass to raise.